Stephen King: On Writing

I have never really followed Stephen King before reading this book. I've heard of him my whole life. I never bothered to check him out. I knew that Stephen King was a successful, superstar writer who published many, many novels and some of those novels have become classic Hollywood films. For some strange reason, possibly due to the bombardment of distractions everywhere, I still never check him out. Sometime last year, I read an article somewhere where Stephen King criticized James Paterson publicly, calling him a "terrible writer". I thought that was alow thingto do and that's something rappers do to each other, not respected novelists. That further made me lose interest in checking him out. Prior to this website, I was not an avid reader. Actually, I am still not an avid reader. Sure, I have always been an avid writer but not an avid reader. Let's fast forward, 2017, February, I entered this essay contest onThe Writer hoping to win $1,000 and to have my essay…

The Spirit of The Writer (P.4)

Writers are not like most people, they are much worse and more cursed. It's bad enough to be rejected by the people that don't understand you, not to mention, crucified for the way you communicate which only other writers can understand. It's bad enough to expose yourself out there and welcome attacks from enemies, friends (who you have to then question their friendship), family, wife, girlfriend, kids, co-workers, etc... Another thing is to get rejected by editors, publishers and contests. Feel things are worse when you spend your exhausting hours writing something that you feel others will appreciate and cherish and then gets rejected by the editor.  That is the experience of being a writer. That is the reality of being a writer, but you gotta push on. The spirit of the writer is to push on and write because writing is what a writer knows.

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"Spirit of The Writer (Complete Essay)" by Ray Dias.

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A Game of Thrones- George RR Martin

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             I have no doubt that you have, by now, heard of "Game of Thrones" or "George RR Martin". It's one of the biggest shows on TV and you probably watch it- if not, you know someone who does. I discovered the show first before I discovered the books. I watched Seasons 1-3 in 24 hours and then proceeded to watch every season and episode after Season 3, religiously. How about the book? Although millions of people have read the book, millions more have watched the show only. In this book review (and every Sunday, we will publish a "Game of Thrones" related review) we will highlight the differences between the novels and the book, the storyline and any additional observation- filled with some footage about the book. Enjoy!

Synopsis: "Long ago, in a time forgotten, a preternatural event threw the seasons out of balance. In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. The cold…

The Autobiography of Mobb Deep by Prodigy

Title: My Infamous Life... Author: Prodigy of Mobb Deep Number of Pages: 320 Purchase this book here!

         This is my favorite hip-hop book, straight up. Rest in Power to Prodigy. One-half of Mobb Deep and one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Here in hip-hop, we affectionately call him "P" and P was your source for murder raps. Those more in tune with hip-hop culture remember him as someone who, underneath all that tough-guy persona and serious face- he was someone who was honest with his emotions, he possessed a lot of wisdom, he was always very aware of The Powers That be, he was surprisingly a loving individual who every now and then brought that side of him through his undying loyalty for his friends, occasional love songs, things he said in interviews. In other words, Prodigy was a real person. Prodigy was a real man and in the lamest terms possible: Prodigy was a real nigga. This essay and book review, we explore the autobiography of Mobb Deep written by Prodig…

The Rules of Style by Pablo Espinosa de los Monteros

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       This is our first book review reviewing a book that is not sold in Amazon. To purchase this book you would have to visit a separate website, the author's website, but it is worth the visit. Anything by Pablo is worth purchasing. Who is Pablo? What is "The Rules of Style?" What is this all about? We will be reviewing several books here at Ray's Book Club that will help you to improve your swagger. We don't claim to be fashionistas here at our book club but we do know experts. We know experts that have put in years of time, energy, money and knowledge about the world of fashion and made it accessible to you. Pablo Espinosa de Los Monteros is one of the world's best image consultants, having worked with clients worldwide and some of them celebrities. Starting out in the world's largest city, Mexico City, Pablo has traveled to Europe, "The States" and even Africa offering his services to people. P…

The Spirit of The Writer (Pt.3)

Writers are not like most people, they are much worse and more cursed. Most people can simply go watch TV, get fucked up at a local bar or simply sleep but writers must write becausethe spirit of the writer is to always push on and writeand they don't have time to watch TV, get fucked up at a local bar, although he can bring the drinks to his computer and get tipsy as he writes- but that would fuck up his writing, which he and his ego can't afford. Writers can't sleep because when you sleep you can't write, so the writer must keep writing becausethe spirit of the writer is to always push on and write.He doesn't have the luxury of forgetting his problems and he certainly can't afford to pay for a therapist so he must face his problems directly, then write about them. He must put his disillusion with life on paper, he must write his anger down, his sadness and his sorrow. If things go sour with the wife, he must acknowledge his heartbreak. A wr…

Binary Options SCAM!: The Only Way to Beat the Brokers Binary Options Trading.

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             Aside from operating Ray's Book Club, I have started to add Binary Options trading as another source of income for me. I have been trading binary options consistently since May 2017. I have purchased books on binary options, and trading in general, to aid me in my knowledge and to improve my trading. Why not add these books to Ray's Book Club? I am sure that some readers would like to learn how to trade, or trade already or might become introduced to trading as a result of reading these reviews. Day trading is one of the best ways to build wealth, what I want for my book club members is nothing more than succeed in life and nothing less. Whatever I can do to help, I am here so let's review our first book.

            "Binary Options SCAM! The only way to beat the Brokers Binary Options Trading" is a mouthful title and by that alone, you can tell this book is not the greatest written book ever published. However, it is a book …

The Spirit of the writer (Pt.2)

Writers are like most people, most don't get paid what they are usually worth. Writers too have to deal with deceiving co-workers, bad managers and they have to sacrifice hours of their lives to a job: Time that they wish they could've spent writing. The writer comes home and maybe has to sleep for four hours, the writer must write for at least two hours to get somewhere (hopefully) becausethe spirit of the writer is to always push on and write.Things are looking bad: The people that you love don't trust that you are making good investments, you don't have enough friends, the friends that you do have don't understand your way of doing things. The writer's way, that is, it's the excruciating amount of details that you observe in the smallest things, your inability to spend the little time that you do have to go out, to have fun because you must write and the unwillingness to answer the phone, because you have to write.The spirit of the writer is to always pu…