Binary Options SCAM!: The Only Way to Beat the Brokers Binary Options Trading.

             Aside from operating Ray's Book Club, I have started to add Binary Options trading as another source of income for me. I have been trading binary options consistently since May 2017. I have purchased books on binary options, and trading in general, to aid me in my knowledge and to improve my trading. Why not add these books to Ray's Book Club? I am sure that some readers would like to learn how to trade, or trade already or might become introduced to trading as a result of reading these reviews. Day trading is one of the best ways to build wealth, what I want for my book club members is nothing more than succeed in life and nothing less. Whatever I can do to help, I am here so let's review our first book.

            "Binary Options SCAM! The only way to beat the Brokers Binary Options Trading" is a mouthful title and by that alone, you can tell this book is not the greatest written book ever published. However, it is a book that is not meant to impress you with words but to get practical and to the point. I was extremely disappointed that the book itself is less than 10 pages. This is the worst book we have reviewed at Ray's Book Club so far but the reason I even reviewed it is because of the small information in this book. The book basically tells you to clean out your browser cookies and that's the book. I was disappointed to spend $3 for the author to just basically state to clean out your browser cookies. The book does not share any trading strategies and the information can be found anywhere on the web. However, if you want to learn how to clear your cookies from binary brokers using the author's method, feel free to purchase this book at It's only $3.

P.S The content in this book is not the only way to beat the brokers... The only way is to win.

Clear your cookies,
Learn Binary Options,
Make money,
- Ray.


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