The Spirit of the writer (Pt.2)

Writers are like most people, most don't get paid what they are usually worth. Writers too have to deal with deceiving co-workers, bad managers and they have to sacrifice hours of their lives to a job: Time that they wish they could've spent writing. The writer comes home and maybe has to sleep for four hours, the writer must write for at least two hours to get somewhere (hopefully) because the spirit of the writer is to always push on and write. Things are looking bad: The people that you love don't trust that you are making good investments, you don't have enough friends, the friends that you do have don't understand your way of doing things. The writer's way, that is, it's the excruciating amount of details that you observe in the smallest things, your inability to spend the little time that you do have to go out, to have fun because you must write and the unwillingness to answer the phone, because you have to write. The spirit of the writer is to always push on and write. Writers are the loneliest people on Earth. They don't have enough friends in their lives. The people that are their friends don't follow their lead. The wife doesn't appreciate him, understand him nor is she submissive to him as the king of his castle and the man of the house. This is because writers write so much they neglect their expectations as a man to fix the kitchen sink, fix the garage, do this and do that and unless they write a very sexual story- probably can't get it up for the wife. The kids always interrupt his precious writing time. The kids want you to help them with their homework and with a tired mind, the writer does the homework for them and the kids end up with an F on their grades. Guess who is to blame? The stupid writer. Writing is more of a curse than a gift but the curse writer has to keep going because the spirit of the writer is to always push on and write. No matter what. Scott Fitzgerald's amazing stories didn't save his disastrous relationships and none of Ernest Hemingway's adventures and literary achievements couldn't keep him from killing himself. Writing is not for everybody. Writing is a curse but the spirit of the writer is to always push on and write because he is cursed and he must keep writing- even if the satisfaction and temporary peace of mind he gets from writing, does not resolve his problems in life.

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  1. Excellent !!!! I really enjoyed your review on this book.


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