The Rules of Style by Pablo Espinosa de los Monteros

       This is our first book review reviewing a book that is not sold in Amazon. To purchase this book you would have to visit a separate website, the author's website, but it is worth the visit. Anything by Pablo is worth purchasing. Who is Pablo? What is "The Rules of Style?" What is this all about? We will be reviewing several books here at Ray's Book Club that will help you to improve your swagger. We don't claim to be fashionistas here at our book club but we do know experts. We know experts that have put in years of time, energy, money and knowledge about the world of fashion and made it accessible to you. Pablo Espinosa de Los Monteros is one of the world's best image consultants, having worked with clients worldwide and some of them celebrities. Starting out in the world's largest city, Mexico City, Pablo has traveled to Europe, "The States" and even Africa offering his services to people. Pablo is an authority on the subject of fashion, image and style. He is also the only image consultant that is out there teaching people the secrets of his trade, helping them to become just as stylish as an image consultant. The things that I've learned reading his first book, "The Rules of Style" are absolutely magnificent. I thought that style was all about how you dress, how you look but it's more than that- Pablo teaches us that it also involves universal laws, human nature and science... and shows us how to dress better.

During the introduction, Pablo revisits what we know about fashion, that it is super important and that others judge us based on our appearance first. However, Pablo explains the science behind this and the reason why. In the introductory chapter, Pablo takes us back in history to see how style came about and also visits Nature to show us how style is very much part of Nature. Pablo explains how those who have an understanding of style, image and fashion- use those three to manipulate and influence how others will perceive them. The most powerful people in the world use them to establish and maintain their power, either through their knowledge of those subjects or they hire people like Pablo, to be in charge of their image and style for them (which you can also hire Pablo to do for you as well). Pablo also gives you some fashion advice and techniques to step up your swag.

What is Image?

The next chapter is Confidence. This is an important chapter as Pablo breaks down what confidence is, how important it is and how we lose confidence. The lack of confidence is one of the biggest and most common problems human beings experience- from the youngest children to the oldest people. Wouldn't it be important if you understood it and were able to maintain it throughout your life? So many factors in life try to destroy our confidence and without confidence, one can achieve nothing. Pablo breaks down 10 things you can learn and apply to have confidence. Pablo states that confidence is the first and most important part of your outfit. 

First Impressions, Last Impressions

How to improve your taste

This chapter is called "What is Style?" where Pablo answers the question and introduces his system called the SPFC system. The SPFC system is the heart of style. Without SPFC there is no style and all styles rely on SPFC for their appeal and effect. The most well-dressed people in the world knowingly or unknowingly apply the SPFC System to their style. Pablo begins breaking down this second rule of style, SPFC, after breaking down the first rule which is confidence. SPFC stands for silhouette, proportion, fit and color. Pablo teaches us that style is the pillar that holds an image, is is the background. It's like the legs of a table, without them, that table just wouldn't make sense. Pablo stresses that we must be coherent. When applying the rules of style, we must remember to be coherent. Pablo introduces SPFC but pauses it in order to focus on it on a different chapter, on this chapter, Pablo introduces another rule in fashion that there are seven main styles and that they are universal. Pablo breaks down what each main style is, which everyone has at least one, each one in sub-chapters (with illustrations for examples) and allows you to learn more about yourself- by identifying which style you are. I was able to improve my already healthy confidence, I was able to learn SPFC and also correctly identify my main styles- which I can now capitalize on and express to the world. Give yourself this opportunity, check out "The Rules of Style" so you can better bring the best version of you!
Interview with Arash Dibazar.

Pablo begins to focus on The SPFC System: What is consists of, how it applies to each individual and how you can capitalize on it. Pablo then addresses image and the role image plays in style, we revisit history and the science behind image. The same manner that Einstein discovered The Theory of Relativity and Newton discovered the law of gravity, Pablo breaks down Style in its most scientific manner. Pablo teaches a secret law of the universe which is (I=C) + (P) = R. It is one of the biggest discoveries I've had this year, it really connected the role of style in the universe. Style is one of those elements that make the universe work, like time, like movement, gravity, reproduction in life and so on. It's truly not just how you dress or how stylish you look.

                                                   (I=C) + (P) = R.

The author explores a vital part of The SPFC System: The "P" which stands for Proportion. The law of proportion is something that the Ancient Egyptians knew and exploited, to create their massive structures, including The Great Pyramids. The law of proportion was also understood by Leonardo DaVinci, to the degree that DaVinci was also to draw it on paper and give it a physical appearance. The law of proportion is something you can see and understand, and Pablo reveals it. The law of Proportion is an universal law and in style, it allows you to find the perfect harmony in your image. Harmony is the key to proportion and Pablo goes over it in this chapter. He gives recommendations for men and women, that can be applied immediately to enhance your appearance in a major way.

The "S' stands for Silhouette. This chapter focuses on what silhouette is all about, which is Anthropomorfology, which is the study of body shapes. We all are aware that "getting in shape" is one of people's most desired goals, yet one that a majority of people have trouble executing. A woman with a great shape is treated with more admiration, more adoration and 100x more desirable by other people than a woman with a shape that is unappealing to other people (although the idea of a desirable shape varies from culture to culture, and time periods in history). A man with a great shape is more respected, more attractive to women, is believed to be stronger, more confident, more powerful than a man with a shape that is not as appealing or completely undesirable- even if, the man in bad shape makes more money or is more confident. A man with a bad shape has to work harder to seduce or appeal to others than a man who is in good shape. Remember too, people in great shape live healthier and longer than people who are in bad shape. Pablo Espinosa however, teaches us that if even if we don't have the best shapes, we can still look great with what we have. It is required that we must first be honest with ourselves and correctly identify, and know our current body shape. By knowing your current body shape- You can make the best with it and still look your best self. This is comforting to know. Although you should exercise and strive to be in shape, you can still project a respectable and pleasant image with your current body shape if you understand Pablo's SPFC System.
You can make the best look possible for you with your current body shape and face.

When you are comparing yourself with others.

The "C" stands for Color. Pablo teaches you how to capitalize on your current skin color and shade. Different styles and different clothes work best with different skin colors and shade. This chapter helps you to analyze what works best for you. Pablo also shows you what are the best colors in clothes for your skin type. The "F" is for Fit. You should always wear clothes that fit. Period. Always wear clothes that fit. Pablo gives you this and many other advice on Fit: How to find clothes that fit, how to know what is your proper fit and gives you shopping advice that will save you time, energy and money. All these letters summarize the SPFC System. Then Pablo teaches another concept of image that can in favor for you or against you: Optical Illusions. Pablo teaches you techniques to create desired effects through your image and clothing whether you want to look bigger, smaller, etc. Pablo addresses in a separate chapter all the things that keep people from projecting their best image: Everything from money to fear to ignorance... Pablo addresses each common problem and techniques to solve it so that nothing, nothing, nothing can stop you from being the best version of you.

Why spending money on clothes can change your life.

What is our purpose here at Ray's Book Club? We are here to connect authors with readers and readers with authors. But why? Why do we care to connect authors with readers that would love their work and readers that will love their authors? We do it for empowerment. Our mission at Ray's Book Club is ultimately improve the current condition of the world using books. Books have played a major role in the advancement of humankind, books have been instrumental in passing down knowledge and history, books have saved the world, saved lives, changed and improve the world- even with its current flaws. We use books to help people improve their lives and their world. This improvement comes in the form of knowledge, awareness, self-awareness, appreciation of the world, understanding of the world and ultimately power. Power, true power combines all of these characteristics together. However, power is nothing if you don't look powerful. Power is nothing if the image attached to it actually demonstrates weakness, failure and if it looks fake. There is nothing more pathetic than someone pretending to look powerful but others can see through it. Your power is made or broken or never established during the first impressions. Your power is gone with a bad reputation. Your power ultimately relies on image. This is why we will be reviewing these series of books and Pablo is your guy for image. 

Re-invent yourself,                                                                           Be your best,
Empower yourself,                                                                           Look great,
Be the best version of yourself,                                                        Bring out that swag,
   - Pablo R. Espinosa de los Monteros.                                                                   -Ray.

About The Author: Pablo Rivera Espinosa de los Monteros is the founder of Style Systems. His motivation is to teach, share, help, improve and continuously refine his methods and skills to benefit those who want and need to learn them. He is an expert on nonverbal communication and image. He's an image and style consultant, public speaker, entrepreneur and book author. He lectures in workshop conferences in Mexico and worldwide, consulting for different companies, recognized professionals and training specialists in the fashion industry. Pablo also writes articles on magazines and blogs. He frequently participates in interviews on television, internet and radio. With a mission of helping others on their personal growth and social development, Pablo's goal is to help others become the best version of themselves.

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