The Spirit of The Writer (Pt.3)

                   Writers are not like most people, they are much worse and more cursed. Most people can simply go watch TV, get fucked up at a local bar or simply sleep but writers must write because the spirit of the writer is to always push on and write and they don't have time to watch TV, get fucked up at a local bar, although he can bring the drinks to his computer and get tipsy as he writes- but that would fuck up his writing, which he and his ego can't afford. Writers can't sleep because when you sleep you can't write, so the writer must keep writing because the spirit of the writer is to always push on and write. He doesn't have the luxury of forgetting his problems and he certainly can't afford to pay for a therapist so he must face his problems directly, then write about them. He must put his disillusion with life on paper, he must write his anger down, his sadness and his sorrow. If things go sour with the wife, he must acknowledge his heartbreak. A writer has a very tough exterior, not showing much emotionally or masking what is really there but on paper, the writer is dangerously vulnerable- exposing his innermost thoughts and for that he is cursed but he must write because he can't help it. The funny thing is that writing about his problems and putting his blood and tears on paper doesn't even solve his problems because the spirit of the writer is to always write and that makes them worse than the poor fucks working 9-5, hating their job, watching their dreams and assets go down the train and sometimes even the wife and the children. Why? Because the writer is that poor fuck and he has to remind himself of it every time he writes. Writing is a curse and writers are cursed. You know, writers have more problems than the average person... and you will learn more on Part 4.

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