The Spirit of The Writer (P.4)


     Writers are not like most people, they are much worse and more cursed. It's bad enough to be rejected by the people that don't understand you, not to mention, crucified for the way you communicate which only other writers can understand. It's bad enough to expose yourself out there and welcome attacks from enemies, friends (who you have to then question their friendship), family, wife, girlfriend, kids, co-workers, etc... Another thing is to get rejected by editors, publishers and contests. Feel things are worse when you spend your exhausting hours writing something that you feel others will appreciate and cherish and then gets rejected by the editor.  That is the experience of being a writer. That is the reality of being a writer, but you gotta push on. The spirit of the writer is to push on and write because writing is what a writer knows.

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"Spirit of The Writer (Complete Essay)" by Ray Dias.

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"A Clash of Kings" George RR Martin. 

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